Business courses

Business or general English for companies, in-company.

On-site courses

We modernise traditional classroom teaching.

Our on-site courses combine the best of live “face-to-face” training with the use of state-of-the-art online tools.

At TRAINING our aim is to offer your company a professional, personal and high quality service. To this end, we draw up a quarterly individual report for each student. In this way we keep your company up to date with the evolution of your professionals and, in addition, we keep the students informed of their progress.

  • We only speak the language your professionals study.
  • Your professionals learn through conversation..
  • We adapt our schedules to yours in order not to affect your company’s operations.
  • We teach in a practical way.
  • We highlight the spoken language.
  • We transform our classrooms into lively and interactive spaces.
  • Most of the teachers are native speakers.
  • We offer a personalised line of teaching to business organisations.
  • More than 40 years of experience in teaching English and other languages.
  • At TRAINING we use exclusively the target language, which obliges your professionals to use the language they are learning in a natural way, progressing systematically.
  • At TRAINING we teach in a practical way with the emphasis on the spoken language. Your professionals will learn grammatical structures and vocabulary in a context that will allow them to put into practice what they have just learned.
  • At TRAINING we are convinced that learning a foreign language should be enjoyable and to this end we transform our classes into lively and interactive spaces.
  • Classes are held at your company or at our centre. In any case, we adapt our schedules to your needs so as not to affect your company’s operations in any way.
  • Our teachers, specialised in teaching English and other foreign languages, are mostly native speakers. They are carefully selected and we value not only their experience, but also their enthusiasm, patience and energy.

Fully adapted courses

Our personal service and our sincere commitment to our business clients are the hallmark of TRAINING.

What is the main advantage of our method?

That your professionals will speak the language of your customers and suppliers from day one!