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Online classes, telephone classes or Zoom | Skype | Microsoft Teams | Google Meet | Webex allow for maximum flexibility.

Online courses

Online courses with self-study programmes.

Every year an increasing number of business people and HR heads seek the services of TRAINING as they realise the advantages of having a good command of the language of their customers, colleagues and suppliers. At TRAINING we offer your business a wide range of language training courses to meet and satisfy all your needs.

At TRAINING we use the target language exclusively, which spurs your team of professionals to use the language they are learning in a natural way, consistently progressing.

  • We have over 40 years’ of experience in teaching English and other languages.
  • We offer your business organisation personalised language coaching of the highest quality.
  • We adapt our schedules to your schedule so as not to affect your company’s operations in any way.
  • We teach in a practical way.
  • We give special importance to the spoken language.
  • We transform our classes into lively and interactive spaces.
  • Our teachers are largely native teachers.
  • We only speak the language your professionals are studying.
  • Your professionals learn largely through conversation.
  • We make your team of professionals speak!.
  • There is variety in teaching.
  • Live and interactive online language coaching.
  • Connect online with your language coach.
  • Flexible and convenient.
  • Available in English and other languages.
  • Wide range of themes available.

Designed to fit in with your workers’ working lives

In addition to the advantages of knowing a foreign language, at TRAINING we know for a fact that learning the language of your customers amd suppliers does not necessarily have to be boring or tiresome. Rather to the contrary. Learning the language of your customers and suppliers must be enjoyable. In order to make it so, we at TRAINING strive to turn our classes into lively interactive places.

What is the main advantage of our method?

To be short and to the point: your professionals will be speaking the language of your customers and suppliers from day one!

We teach in a practical way.
We make your team of professionals speak!
We adapt our schedule to yours, so as to not affect in any way the operation of your business.

At TRAINING our personalised service and sincere commitment to our business clients is our trademark.

Classes by telephone or Zoom| Skype | Webex allow maximum flexibility. We spur your team of professionals to speak the language they are studying from the very beginning. As a result, your professionals will communicate with your customers and suppliers with more confidence and security. In a more fluent and effective way!

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An excellent education experience for your employees.