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Language courses

Quality and personalized language training. We continuously develop the range of language training courses that we offer to our clients to meet their various changing needs.

Online courses

Our online courses afford maximum flexibility. Your team of professionals will speak the language they study from the very start. As a result, your team will communicate with your clients withmore confidence and in a fluent and efficient way.

Neurolanguage Coaching®

Fast and effective learning method, based on how our brain works. Clear and achievable objectives are set for the professional, always adapted to their specific needs. The learning process is carried out through coaching-style conversations in which the student plays a central role.

Soft Skills Workshops

Fluent and adapted communication.

  • Specialised foreign language and soft skills coaching workshops
  • We work on all aspects of language necessary for fluent communication.
  • Meeting the needs of your organisation

About us

We tailor our language services to your specific sector to meet your specific professional needs.

Our mission is to improve communication within companies by providing innovative, highly effective and target-oriented foreign language learning methods.

By helping your business communication be highly effective, we broaden your business growth mindset.

Why we should work together:

We teach in a practical way

Your team of professionals will always learn within a context which will allow them to put into practice what they have learnt straightaway.

We give importance to the spoken language

Your professionals will use the language they are learning in a natural way, progressing systematically and continuously.

Interactive and experiential classes

Learning a foreign language must be enjoyable and to this end we transform our classes into lively and interactive spaces.

Reimbursable language courses via FUNDAE

We make it easy for your company to save the cost of training by helping you apply for Social Security deductions once the training is completed.

The most common questions…

In a job interview in English

The most common job interview questions in English focus on the candidate’s job title, motivations and professional background.

Our clients

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Find out how TRAINING helps companies with their English courses.
We successfully train your employees.

TRAINING is a consultancy specialised in Coaching and Management Competence processes which has its origins in the HELLO language school, created in 1981.

The TRAINING team is made up of consultants and trainers with experience in the world of management and teaching and highly qualified in the subjects they teach.

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