Who we are

We seek quality training for all our students.

TRAINING is a company specialised in teaching foreign languages using methods based on neuroscience and coaching. TRAINING has its origins in the HELLO language school, founded in 1981.

Our courses are aimed at managers, natural work teams and professionals from any field who need to master a specific foreign language in a practical and dynamic way, always focused on objectives. In this way, they can apply the learning obtained directly in the different situations to which they are exposed in their workplace.

Courses and processes

Successfully improve professional skills.

All the courses and processes aim to improve the managerial, communicative and professional skills of the participants in their working environment and offer effective tools so that they can carry out their tasks with the best guarantee of success.

Our team of professionals is made up of consultants and trainers with experience in the world of management and teaching and highly qualified in the subjects they teach.

Our professional staff

Our team of qualified teachers.

Director of HELLO Language Schools in charge of Administration and Quality.
Structured the organisation and coordinated the actions of the exponential growth of the language schools while maintaining the same quality standards since its foundation. He developed the quality culture of the organisation, one of its pillars. He has more than 15 years of experience in negotiation, development, project management and team leadership.
He worked as a broadcaster and news writer for AFN Europe in Frankfurt, Germany.
he also worked as a publicist for the radio and television service of the United States armed forces where he headed communication and public relations campaigns. He has been teaching English since 2007, when he discovered his passion for teaching in the city of Barcelona, ​​teaching in private academies for a stint. An entrepreneur, Luigi confesses himself a lover of the business world and is passionate about combining his communication skills and his love for the business world. He is characterized by his closeness to TRAINING clients and his knowledge of their specific needs.
Ellie is a core member of our team who is responsible for day-to-day task management at TRAINING.
From scheduling and handling payroll and accounting activities, to providing top-rate customer service and receiving and relaying internal communications, Ellie plays a key rôle in the smooth running day-to-day operations of TRAINING.
MarinaHead of Studies
Marina is a key member of our team and as Head of Studies monitors, evaluates and develops the curriculum, the teaching, the reporting and recording procedures and the assessment practices of TRAINING.
As Head of Studies, Marina guarantees that you always get the perfect teacher to achieve your goals.
TaniaDesign and optimisation
Tania is a core member of our team who provides dedicated support to our TRAINING team.
She handles multiple calendars for our teaching team and also provides technical support. From organising our team’s business appointments to helping to craft and streamline processes at TRAINING, Tania is passionate about working cross-functionally with our TRAINING team and making sure all details are in place.
Marie-AnneSkills Development
Marie-Anne is a key member of our team who crafts interesting real-life and entertaining student-centered activities which help professionals develop their English skills for use in a business context.
From telephoning more effectively and writing more coherent emails to chairing meetings, Marie-Anne concentrates on your goals and needs.

TRAINING methodology

Tailor-made English courses for your organisation

TRAINING puts into practice a methodology that promotes interaction among participants. It is an approach that is perfectly suited to the business world and its key players.


Active learning techniques


Lively and interactive classes


We use objective language


Daily language practice

The TRAINING method

Tailor-made English courses for your organisation.